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Planes, Trains and Four Legged Friends!

No two days are ever the same, that is for sure!

Whilst helping clients achieve their business goals, we are also more than happy to assist with their own leisure arrangements also. Lifestyle management is a task that we really enjoy and firmly believe that all work and no pleasure is good for no-man (or woman)!!

Today a client has asked for our help with various exciting plans for the forthcoming year. Flights to Portugal for a golfing weekend, train tickets to London for a fancy dinner and also to source details for hospitality packages at a horse racing meeting.

We quickly set to work on each element, we are aware that we need to secure tickets fast in order to get the best deals and the best options. We work to create a spreadsheet (oh, how we love a spreadsheet!) which gives a clear summary of options.

The client is delighted and able to easily select his preferences. Great! All organised and booked in a jiffy and, just like that, his dreams become a reality……!!

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