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‘Consistently reliable at producing high quality work’ (Complete Business Support)

“Penny and the team have been working with Clarity4D for over 8 years and have been consistently reliable at producing high quality work. They are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure excellent outcomes for our clients and ourselves, and have a warm and friendly approach that everyone appreciates. Penny and her team contribute ideas on how to improve procedures and without missmoneypenny pa services’ efficient approach, we would not be so effective as a company.”

Judy Oliver, Clarity4D (Personality Profiling Tool)

Having run all the day to day parts of the business for years I reached a point where I was trapped by time constraints and found it impossible to develop my business plans whilst still dealing with all the time consuming daily operations.  That all changed when we started working with Miss Moneypenny PA Services.  Quite simply it made an amazing difference as I was able to teach the team how to look after the time consuming elements of the business, then freeing my valuable time to develop and expand.  We have now been ‘in partnership’ for over 2 years and their ability to learn, adapt, make suggestions, develop excellent relations with my customers, and deal with some difficult situations, has quite simply been extraordinary.  They are now a valued part of my business and I literally could not function without their help.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them and am more than happy to speak to anyone for a reference should they require reassurance before ‘signing up’.  We are now in challenging times with COVID-19 but MMP continues to support my business and I’m sure we will come out of this as stronger businesses.  Thank you.

Director of a Vehicle Fleet Management Company

'Reliable support and great customer service' (Property Management)

It has been more than 10 years since Penny and her team began providing business support to P Mitchell Properties.  Being located in one of my serviced offices in Stamford places them in an optimum position for helping with the property management in both that building and the neighbouring house. They provide reliable support and great customer service to my tenants with all enquiries dealt with in prompt and professional manner. They successfully assist with anything from advertising the offices and sourcing new tenants, to the maintenance of the building and any day to day queries from the tenants. Knowing that I can confidently rely on the team is very reassuring to know. I simply couldn't run my business without the missmoneypenny team, they look after my every need and I trust them with my most confidential, personal matters.

Philip Mitchell, P Mitchell Properties

'The team is there whenever I need them' (Business Support)

I've been working with missmoneypenny PA Services directly for over a year now. There is no messing around! Make your request, give a simple brief and the team just get on with it - no stress, no hassle, just great results! 

The team supports Inspire Ignite with everything from print requests, proofreading and simple admin tasks, right through to full research projects and problem solving!

It's great to know that the team is there whenever I need them!

Shaun Beck, Inspire Ignite (Talent Development)

'Professionalism and politeness' (Customer Service)

Phillips Capital Partners a Family Office based in Ireland have been using the services of missmoneypenny PA Services for one year now and I can confirm that I am impressed with the professionalism, politeness and good business practices received. 

A reputable and professional firm.

Simon Phillips, Principal, Phillips Capital Partners

'They find a solution with ease' (Administrative Support)

We initially employed the services of Penny and the team back in 2007 and have enjoyed many years of consistent, professional and reliable service, covering a wide range of tasks. They take on any requirement and find a solution with ease. The team are approachable, willing and happy to take the initiative if required. 

The Directors of Mitchell & Hudson (Building Contractors)

‘Conscientious, friendly, efficient approach’ (Bookkeeping and Sage)

I initially engaged missmoneypenny pa services to cover maternity leave for a member of staff. I found Penny’s conscientious and friendly approach so refreshing I kept her on and she worked here for 2 years! On a weekly basis Penny assisted with our bookkeeping and Sage work, however I would also call on her during busy times and to cover annual leave. The flexibility Penny and her team offer has been a huge benefit to me, my team and my business. I found Penny extremely efficient in her work and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.”

Nick Ellson, QAI Services (Building Control Inspectors)