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A day in the life of an mmp PA..

Updated: Mar 13

Monday morning and the mmp team are in the office bright and early and ready for a busy week ahead. There are numerous emails awaiting us from our fabulous clients all seeking assistance in different ways.

First task of the day is to listen to the voicemails left over the weekend – our phone system has an account for each client and we can easily act on each message on behalf of our clients. Once prioritised, messages are sent and actions noted.

We have a vast array of clients, from one person entrepreneurs to small established businesses right through to larger companies working globally. Our team is well equipped and highly knowledgeable to work with them all.

One of our clients organises personality profiling events all over the world. Each event is run by a business partner who manages their own account on-line. Many new partners require assistance with this and we’re only too happy to help! Today, I have helped a new lady to set up her first session and organised for training materials to be sent to her in the USA… I’ll be off to the post office this afternoon to ensure that these are posted before the close of our business day!

A telephone call is taken from a van driver with a punctured tyre! We have built great relationships with the drivers of one of our clients over the years and are happy to assist with booking cars in for new tyres, windscreens, MOTs and services with the company’s huge garage network.

Next is a request from a new client who would like assistance with a research project. They are full on with their day-to-day tasks and we are happy to help them grow their business. Numerous county and local councils are to be contacted under the Freedom of Information Act and we’ll collate the responses as we receive them. This is a project for a few of the team to work on together – all hands-on deck and a plan of action is quickly formulated.

Lunch…… tasty superfood salads all round – need to keep healthy and alert for the afternoon ahead.….!

The afternoon starts with a call from an elderly lady about her poorly cat. We offer a call answering service to a local vet who’s always busy out and about. We have all sorts of new and wonderful conversations and are only too happy to help with people’s furry friends. We manage to get a convenient appointment in the diary for the cat and the lady is both pleased and relieved.

The remainder of my working day consists of a managing several more incoming phone calls along with deciphering and typing up notes from a client’s recent brainstorming meeting. I love this task as it gives real insight in to the energy of the session and the business – it’s great to be a part of the business, as and when required. Great thoughts and ideas noted and the day finishes on a positive high!

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