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Entrepreneurial Event London

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Our client has reached out to the missmoneypenny PA services team for our help and expertise in organising his next event.

This is a huge step for him as he seeks to grow his unique business ideas - it is imperative that he makes a powerful and lasting impression through his first big conference in London.

We love this type of challenge at mmp! To work with new suppliers and to ensure that everything is perfect, not just to fulfil our brief, but to ensure that our client’s business thrives.

The event is to take place in conference rooms at a hotel in London. After much to-ing and fro-ing the dates, room sizes and layouts, refreshments and signage has been confirmed, checked and double checked! We have sourced the best rates for the event and accommodation at the venue and also assisted with finding nearby Airbnb’s for attendees with a smaller budget.

The event is due to be captured by a Videographer and we have organised the train travel for him to travel to London from Leeds.

The event runs seamlessly and the client is delighted. Some really exciting work is generated on the back of the event’s success and we look forward to being part of this growing and evolving business going forward.

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