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We Want What You've Got!!

Updated: Mar 13

Identifying which tasks to delegate to a Virtual Personal Assistant is a crucial step in optimising your productivity and freeing up your time. Here's a process to help you identify tasks that are suitable for delegation:

List Tasks You Do Regularly

Start by making a list of things you do regularly, both at work and in your personal life.

Sort Tasks into Categories

Group tasks together based on what they involve, for example emails, scheduling, research, or personal errands.

Prioritise Important Tasks

Identify tasks that are important and need your attention immediately.

Check for Special Skills

See if some tasks require special skills that we may have or can learn quickly.

Find Time-Consuming Tasks

Highlight tasks that take up a lot of your time but don't require your unique skills.

Spot Repetitive Tasks

Look for tasks that you do over and over again, like data entry or sorting emails.

Consider Your Strengths

Delegate tasks that don't play to your strengths or core responsibilities.

Think About ROI

For work tasks, consider if delegating can free you up to focus on activities that generate more income or efficiency.

Balance Cost and Value

Weigh the cost of hiring us against the time and money you'll save.

Start with a Trial

If you're unsure, try delegating a task for a short time to see how it goes - we offer fully flexible services!

Regularly Review

Periodically revisit your task list to find new things to delegate as your needs change.

Remember, the aim is to save time and boost productivity, so focus on tasks that match your goals and strengths and make the most of your assistant's abilities.

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