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Committee Meeting Minuting - Dubai

A very early start as our client is based in Dubai (GMT+ 4hrs) and is asking for me to take the minutes of their committee meeting. Investment banking is something that is evolving at a swift pace and I really enjoy keeping up to date with new initiatives and developments.

The meeting is a success with stakeholders from both the UK and throughout the UAE dialling in. I’m always amazed at the efficiency and ease of the technology at our fingertips.

I ensure that any queries are clarified and then type up the clear and succinct minutes in exactly the format that I know the client likes to have them. When completed, the minutes are thoroughly proof read and distributed. All stakeholders then have the minutes and can go to work on their action points.

I then complete work on the CEO’s expenses from a recent business trip for sign off and my work, for the time being, is done! Phew – if only to be able to now relax next to a pool in Dubai!

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